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West and Central


Posted 12:50 am, 04/17/2018

newvoice i really have to agree with you on everything said, Michael pulled our girls through with a win. Central girls did play well and it made it a good game to watch but as you said in the end their coaching let them down as it usually does. Poor Poor Poor coaching but again everything you said I find true and it really makes me wonder why he is even allowed to coach at a high school level. I know if we had someone like him instead of Michael that he sure wouldnt last long in Hawk nation. You almost have to pity those who do play for him.


Posted 8:33 pm, 04/16/2018

I thought the game was evenly played until Central had a bad inning. Then the difference in coaching came to light. Michael coached his girls gave them confidence, told them to be selective on their swings. That is the kind of coaching that wins games. Central waited too long before the pitcher was pulled. The girl was doing great, but, when West started making contact, and the pitcher was walking batters. Steve should have had his other girls warming up. However Steve always wears his pitchers down. He can have 5 but one will pitch everytime, every game. That’s his style of coaching Two innings too late you bring in girls to pitch that did not warm up. Poor Coaching from Central lost them the game.


Posted 11:59 pm, 04/12/2018

Tonights game was a very good game to watch between these 2 schools and i would like to say and admit i thought we were in trouble when the central girls got 5 runs on us. Central girls you played good ball tonight but just as always even when you play well in the end your coaching falls short. The starting pitcher was left in too long and then the next 2 pitchers brought in was not even warmed up so really what do you expect will happen. However it is good for the Hawks to have to pull out wins like that,it only makes us better. And Central you do have the second most talent on a team next to west and yes you could pull out a win...when you get better coaching. But anywase Hawks roll again..Go Hawks!!!

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