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2014 was America's best year of job growth since 1999


Posted 8:47 pm, 10/29/2017

This article was from 2015. Just FYI people- 2015 was Obama, Not Donald.

this n that

Posted 8:39 pm, 10/29/2017

So gumbo, in other words president Trump has accomplished exactly what I posted.

And I forgot to mention another important Trump accomplishment.. undoing everything obama.

So you got nothing and the democrats are imploding...And prison cells are awaiting.

But just all you lib hypocrites, you can't dispute the facts, so you just showed up to show your ignorance.


Posted 8:15 pm, 10/29/2017

Give up TNT, you're like PeeWee Herman arguing with Albert Einstein. Show us a 400 page spreadsheet and I'll show you a 250 page roll of Charmin.

this n that

Posted 7:22 pm, 10/29/2017

Math? That's not math, that's superstition. If you really wanted to make a comparison about that time, you would have to know all about what the economy was at that time.

For instance how did the economy compare to this economy at this time under Trump.
Did the stock market break new records more than 65 time in less than a year, and still climbing as it is under President Trump?
And did said stock market add 5.3 TRILLION DOLLARS to the nations economy, as it already has done under President Trump.
Were there a million new jobs created, and many billions of dollars pledged by companies to expand, hire, and build, as there has been under President Trump.

That's a few things that should show you what 'doing the math' looks like.

And speaking of doing the math.. I heard one of Trump's friends who has known him for years say, "Donald Trump can read a 400 page spread sheet as easily as you read a Tom Clancy novel'.

You dunces keep underestimating the best pres. we've had in a long time.


Posted 6:59 pm, 10/29/2017

Republicans currently have control of the oval office, the house and the senate. The last time that happened in this country was in 1928. The following year the Great Depression occurred. Do the math.


Posted 2:26 pm, 01/09/2015

Really? Is this supposed to mean that the ones in Washington are doing a good job?

sparkling water

Posted 1:35 pm, 01/09/2015

Common taters understand market forces.


Something to ponder.


Posted 12:49 pm, 01/09/2015

EaM, do you have a degree in economics or the related? You're pretty much the only poster I've seen make so much sense on the subject. I'm impressed.

Eat At Moes

Posted 12:22 pm, 01/09/2015

UNEMPLOYMENT RATES: U3 (headline unemployment rate) dropped 0.2 points from 5.8% to 5.6%.
U4 (includes those who've given up looking for work) dropped 0.2 points from 6.2% to 6.0%.
U5 (includes "marginally attached" workers) dropped 0.2 points from 7.1% to 6.9%.
U6 (includes involuntary part-time workers) dropped 0.2 points from 11.4% to 11.2%.

Eat At Moes

Posted 12:19 pm, 01/09/2015

Straight from the jobs report:


The number of people employed full-time increased by 427k to 119.9 million.
The number of people employed part-time dropped by 269k to 27.5 million.


Total nonfarm jobs increased by 252k to 140.3 million.
Of these new jobs, 240k came from the private sector.
Federal government jobs increased by 1k.
State government jobs increased by 7k.
Local government jobs increased by 4k.


October's job numbers were revised upward from +243k to +261k.
November's job numbers were revised upward from +321k to +353k.
Together, this means that 50k more jobs were created in the last two months than had previously been reported.


Posted 12:11 pm, 01/09/2015

Republicans like sending jobs out of the country so lower wages can be paid. Republicans fight tooth and nail over raising the minimum wage. Republicans favor lower taxes for the wealthy and higher taxes for the poor. Republicans hate unions who give voice and a modicum of power to the worker Instead of the overlord. Republicans think the long disproved "trickle down" theory Is an actual thing In reality. But Non-Republicans are the problem?

Eat At Moes

Posted 11:49 am, 01/09/2015

U6 includes anyone over 16 who has looked for a full time job (including part time workers) but haven't been able to get one, as well as people who stopped looking for a job. More or less its the total unemployment rate.

Eat At Moes

Posted 11:49 am, 01/09/2015

U6 dropped 0.2% as well last month. U6 counts everyone over the age of 16 who has looked for a job at any time in the last 12 months. Since 2009, U6 has dropped almost 6%.



Posted 10:51 am, 01/09/2015

Out of all the jobs we lost I can see this as a HUGE job growth but it's hardly a dent in what jobs that were lost, we still need millions more jobs and jobs that pay better than minimum wage.


Posted 9:58 am, 01/09/2015

How did you come up with the extra dime on the $10.10 figure? You have not been reading democrat propaganda have you?

Eat At Moes

Posted 9:24 am, 01/09/2015

>>>Following a typical recession, wage growth should reach 3 percent or higher. Weak pay hikes are keeping workers' real income only slightly ahead of inflation, damping their purchasing power. Consumer spending accounts for roughly two-thirds of economic activity in the U.S., so an uptick in wages is vital to broader growth.

You're absolutely right. But how can we make companies pay people more??? Raise the minimum wage you say? I'm all for it. Let's get Congress on it. Hasn't had an adjustment in years and hasn't kept up with inflation as needed. $10.10 an hour. Let's get them on it.


Posted 9:22 am, 01/09/2015

Courtesy of CBS news:
A missing piece of the puzzle in 2014, and in the recovery overall, was stronger earnings growth. Average hourly wages fell 0.2 percent in December, to $24.57, the Labor Department said Friday. For the year it rose a meager 1.7 percent -- that's less than the 1.9 percent hourly wage growth recorded in 2013.

Following a typical recession, wage growth should reach 3 percent or higher. Weak pay hikes are keeping workers' real income only slightly ahead of inflation, damping their purchasing power. Consumer spending accounts for roughly two-thirds of economic activity in the U.S., so an uptick in wages is vital to broader growth.

Never mind the man behind the curtain......


Posted 9:17 am, 01/09/2015

if it has sails, it can't full steam ahead.


Posted 9:13 am, 01/09/2015

Get out of our way, the sails are full and it is full steam ahead. lol


Posted 8:58 am, 01/09/2015

All part time, with no benefits. talk to anybody in wilkes and let me know where and what it pays..

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