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Gowilkes only on cellular


Posted 4:50 pm, 02/29/2020

Well, if you actually knew anything about networking, you would have already known that of course DNS servers are a critical part of the internet. The DNS handles routing traffic from one end to the other. Similar to N old phone switchboard. But there are millions of DNS servers and every device has at least one backup that it reports to. Taking down google or open DNS would do the most damage, but hacking a DNS server isn't a simple task. It's not like something you see in a movie. It's easier to hijack the end user's DNS settings through malware. It's not worth the effort and resources required to hack DNS servers.

Jason, you can't change the DNS on the Spectrum modems. That info is all dynamic and can't be accessed by the customer. And it's the spectrum DNS that retailers see, not the DNS that you enter on your devices.

jack rip her

Posted 4:28 pm, 02/29/2020

Or 1048


Posted 3:18 pm, 02/29/2020

Or the Russians or Ukraine.


Posted 3:17 pm, 02/29/2020

LOL, at least now we know how to mess the internet up. Just hack DNS servers. Don't tell China or Iran.


Posted 3:13 pm, 02/29/2020

Aficionados, I would strongly recommend that you change your DNS servers to Google DNS, OpenDNS, or CloudFlare. I have found Google DNS to be the fastest for me.

But you are right, a DNS issue on their end would explain why DougalDragon didn't have a problem with Charter / Spectrum while others did.

1048, I suspect that they had malformed DNS records that affected other sites, too, but GoNC is relatively high traffic so it would have been more easily recognized here. I don't think it was a hacker, though. A few years ago Wilkes Telephone had a similar problem that was fixed by rebuilding their DNS, so I think it just comes from a software glitch or bad update.


Posted 3:00 pm, 02/29/2020

My question is did it only effect gowilkes? If so, why? I suspect a hacker. If it was a hacker, they were good.


Posted 2:42 pm, 02/29/2020

Spectrum has had a lot of problems with the DNS servers. They have had their DNS servers occasionally showing up as Canadian addresses. I know when they are screwed up when I log in to a retail website and see it showing Canadian prices.


Posted 2:08 pm, 02/29/2020

Thanks to everyone who worked on the problem.


Posted 12:09 pm, 02/29/2020

Everything seems to be back to normal!

I take no credit for the fix, though. I got an email at 3:15am that a new tech had been assigned to the case, and another email at 3:26am that he had fixed the problem.

The problem was definitely with DNS servers, but it's not clear whether it was DNS servers with Charter or with IBM. But he deleted the index and let the system rebuild it, and that solved the issue.


Posted 7:18 am, 02/29/2020

Something happen during the night.....it's working now.


Posted 4:30 am, 02/29/2020

Who had the problem?


Posted 3:47 am, 02/29/2020

Mine seems to be working now.


Posted 10:15 pm, 02/28/2020

I don't have charter. It's working for me with cellular data off.


Posted 9:59 pm, 02/28/2020

I don't think it's Spectrum issue...but who knows.


Posted 9:57 pm, 02/28/2020

Maybe charter/spectrum....each time I say spectrum? I keep thinking LIVE AT THE SPECTRUM PHILADELPHIA! LOL
but maybe that provider has a problem? You know somethings out of whack dude. You'll be up all night ciphering...lol
Up all night! Sleep all day...*air guitar


Posted 9:15 pm, 02/28/2020

Oh well, it was a good idea, I guess


Posted 9:09 pm, 02/28/2020

No change....


Posted 9:08 pm, 02/28/2020

You would think!! LOL But I guess the level 2 tech couldn't care less, he gets his hourly pay whether I'm having a problem or not.

I did try something on my end, though, so if you're on Charter, please try again and let me know if that helped.


Posted 8:38 pm, 02/28/2020

I'm thinking as much $. They make from you GW? They do need to crap or get off the pot.


Posted 8:30 pm, 02/28/2020

Mickey Mouse operation

I wish!! Disney is worth like $200 billion

I think that we have it narrowed down to a very specific server hop that belongs to IBM, so I don't think it's Charter / Spectrum so much as just a hop along the route that Charter takes.The challenge now is in getting IBM to (a) acknowledge it, and (b) fix it.

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