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Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87


Posted 6:54 pm, 09/29/2020

IF scum bag swucy were here it would word beech you for misspelling twistorians.

sparkling water

Posted 6:06 pm, 09/29/2020

You armchair historians and practitioners of middle knowledge are simply amazing.


Posted 5:44 pm, 09/29/2020

We own the Taliban if we hadn't left Afghanistan twisting in the wind after Russia got out they wouldn't be a factor. Just like we own the Ayatollahs if we had let Mossadegh alone and not put our puppet over Iran at the oil companies bidding there wouldn't have been a revolution. No good greed goes unpunished!


Posted 5:16 pm, 09/29/2020


Posted 5:15 pm, 09/29/2020

And repubs deny racism when it's right under their nose, but now it's starting to bite them in the arse.

sparkling water

Posted 5:06 pm, 09/29/2020

Leftists see racism where it doesn't exist.

But, that's your issue, not mine.


Posted 5:04 pm, 09/29/2020

hillbily666 - yeah, you go...I like you.


Posted 4:56 pm, 09/29/2020

No, you didn't say those specific words.

But this comment:
"sparkling water (view profile)
Posted 3:49 pm, 08/05/2020
Hillbilly, are we still at war w Nazi germany ??

We won. We held the bad guys accountable.

It's over."

Is in response to this comment from me:
"hillbilly666 (view profile)
Posted 3:40 pm, 08/05/2020
Why aren't y'all offended for the troops? Is this not disrespectful to the military?"

Implying you find the nazi flag non offensive.

Now in all fairness I don't think you actually feel that way. I think you were trying to really stick it to "the leftists" on gowilkes and make this asinine argument to do so. An argument and logic you knew didn't hold up which is why you dodged and made a racist comment when I asked if you felt the same way about someone flying a Taliban flag.

sparkling water

Posted 4:37 pm, 09/29/2020

I don't think I actually said the symbols were inoffensive.

sparkling water

Posted 4:35 pm, 09/29/2020

Here is everything I could find from the thread you refer to:

sparkling water (view profile)
Posted 12:07 pm, 08/05/2020
Many of your favored flags will be on sale Nov 4.

sparkling water (view profile)
Posted 12:36 pm, 08/05/2020
Actually, i own neither nazi nor confederate flag. I just don't get worked up about those who do.

sparkling water (view profile)
Posted 3:07 pm, 08/05/2020
If leftists had and real knowledge of half the things they are certain of ...

sparkling water (view profile)
Posted 3:28 pm, 08/05/2020
I'm starting to see things in a different light.

If leftists and nazis could confront one another more intensely, they might mutually annihilate.

sparkling water (view profile)
Posted 3:49 pm, 08/05/2020
Hillbilly, are we still at war w Nazi germany ??

We won. We held the bad guys accountable.

It's over.

sparkling water (view profile)
Posted 3:54 pm, 08/05/2020
If someone wished to fly the 2nd Place flag from a war, let em.

sparkling water (view profile)
Posted 3:58 pm, 08/05/2020
I'm sure there are many of your allies in this country who do fly taliban flags.

Ilhan Omar was celebrated on this site earlier today.

sparkling water

Posted 4:25 pm, 09/29/2020

Did I really say that, henri ?


Posted 4:18 pm, 09/29/2020

My father died fighting the Nazis and Trump disparaged those who fought against the Nazis "suckers and losers."

Like most Trumpoids your knowledge of history is minimal, the parallel between !933 and modern day America is scary.


Posted 4:15 pm, 09/29/2020

A month ago Sparkling said there was nothing offensive about flying a nazi flag and now he's so concerned about those that suffered underneath the very same symbol. Lol

sparkling water

Posted 4:00 pm, 09/29/2020

The two aren't even remotely the same.
You dishonor those who suffered under the Nazis by drawing such a flimsy comparison.


Posted 3:23 pm, 09/29/2020

Yeah 1933 Germany was hyperbolic right?

sparkling water

Posted 2:54 pm, 09/29/2020

You just put the hyper in hyperbole.


Posted 2:03 pm, 09/29/2020

Rose, I'm sure by now you've figured out that Trump appeals to the worst instincts in otherwise decent people, and also appeals to the worst kind of people as is witnessed on this site. The views expressed by the likes of Ford, Dog, Fin et al are by any standards excessively offensive. These people see no reason to be apprehensive of the possibility of Trump becoming dictator for life, they believe he would bring about the very conditions they desire: put the n.....s back in their place, outlaw trades unions, allow obscene profits to be made in the medical, insurance and pharmaceutical industries while forcing the bulk of the population to rely on charities for healthcare. Not to mention having the schools teach our kids xenophobic nationalist propaganda in the form of revised history. Our national religion would be extreme radical protestant Christianity, we would have freedom of religion the freedom to practice the aforementioned religion and no other.

Anticipating the kind of mayhem the Trumpoids will bring down on us when he loses the election I'm inventorying my ammo and checking my firearms, radical right wing extremist NRA members are not the only ones that have guns.


Posted 12:43 pm, 09/29/2020



Posted 12:36 pm, 09/29/2020

Rosie watches CNN and MSNBC, you don't need to tell her, she has heard this for years.


Posted 10:46 am, 09/29/2020

Rose, Trump's eventual goal is to be dictator for life and one of his tactics is to load SCOTUS with his lackeys. When he loses the election he will create all kinds of legal problems by protesting that the election was rigged thereby throwing the country into chaos. His calculation is that his sycophant laden court will rule in his favor, if the outcome is what he is hoping for goodbye democracy.

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