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Selling first house to move to another


Posted 5:41 pm, 10/23/2017

Housebuilder~ You made a wise decision......North Carolina is the best !!


Posted 4:45 pm, 10/23/2017

Beautiful homes


Posted 3:57 pm, 01/29/2017

Nice work housebuilder and thanks again.


Posted 1:22 pm, 01/29/2017

Crypt, you have me thinking and reminiscing about a wonderful past. The first house we built was on an island off the West Coast of Florida. There were no bridges so we had to boat back and forth to the mainland. All our supplies had to be hauled by boat. I was younger then, 40ish and could do the back breaking work. I had been an engineer in the titanium industry so I had drafting skills and a lot of common sense to build. I learned the building code and knew it better than the inspectors. We started a marine business and ran it for 20 years out there.

Then we built in Clermont, 12 miles from Disney and that house I designed using a CAD program on my computer. (All my houses start as a square box then get expanded into a shape by the interior requirements, not hard to do).

After 13 years there it was a dream to live in the mountains. We bought 5 acres sight unseen from NC Mike in Wilkesboro. Bought a backhoe and built the barn first. Then the slab and worked from April to Oct putting up the house and got our CO.

Island house slide show

Island build and stuff

Don Pedro Island, Florida, 1981

Length: 5:54

Clermont house slide show

Designing and building our home

This is the house I designed out of my head and built as an owner-builder. Took me ten months.

Length: 3:43

BTW, I preach for everyone to build their own home and become mortgage free. Been that way for 35 years.


Posted 11:01 am, 01/29/2017

Housebuilder I enjoyed the slideshow. Did you design the house or build it from plans?


Posted 10:36 am, 01/29/2017

After buying my first home and still in it, when I have to move, get tired of it, or it is destroyed I will not buy another house unless it is out in the countryside with at least 2-5 acres.

Anything else will be leased as the maintenance and upkeep is to much of a hassle especially iff one is single and works out of town.


Posted 9:14 am, 01/29/2017

I would suggest that you stay where you are and start building your own home, it can be done. First secure the land. If need be, mortgage for no more than 5 years. Build in bits and pieces, may take you 5 years of more but if you pay cash as you go, you will be mortgage free. This may sound impossible but I have done it 3 times. The first took 5+ years, second much faster and our home now in LS took almost 5 years. Bought the land in late 2010 and moved in on March 2015. I'm an old geezer, now 77 but I still can work like a 20 year old kid. BTW, I am not a house builder by trade nor have I ever worked in the construction industry, I just like to make things. Here is a slide show of what I just designed and built ourselves.

Building the farm in NC

Building our farm

Length: 3:22


Posted 5:03 am, 11/23/2016

Before you put your house on the market and before you start looking at buying, ask a Realtor to suggest a lender so you can get "pre-approved". Getting pre-approved will tell you what price home you can afford. And instead of getting a 15 year mortgage which will make your payment so high, if anything happened to you and your family regarding an illness (God forbid), one of you loose your job (also God forbid), or you need a major car repair/new car, your mortgage payments on a 30 year will be a lot easier to pay. PLUS, if you make just ONE EXTRA mortgage payment IN ONE YEAR, you will have your home paid off in about 15 years. This is a huge mistake most homeowners do not do. Good Luck!


Posted 4:44 am, 11/23/2016

There is not much job security these days, you don't see folks working 30 years and retiring at the same place these days. So I'd first sit down and decide for yourself if this is in your best interest. Will you be at your job 5 years from now? 10 years?

If you do decide to do it though you'll need professional help from a realtor and from the banks.


Posted 8:04 pm, 11/22/2016

And all this easy credit was done to get votes for Democrats. I used to be a Democrat.


Posted 8:02 pm, 11/22/2016

"Under a Democrat who has cleaned up the Drunk republicans mess that the Republicans created"
Absolute lie!
George Bush did not cause the recession. The Democrat-controlled regulators forced the lending institutions to grant home loans to people who did not meet the traditional credit standards-- standards that had been proven by years of experience to work. When the number of such loans became so large that the system could not absorb the inevitable foreclosures, the economy collapsed -- or sagged badly. Home building stopped along with the sale of associated materials. That affected everything else-- no money for new cars, etc. The stage for this to happen was in place before George Bush was elected.
Lending standards were moved back nearer to reality.
But now Mel Watt is doing the same stupid moves that his predecessors did.


Posted 10:53 am, 11/22/2016

That's basically what I'm saying. Only nicer. It's o.k. to listen to advice, but at the end of the day....it's your money and your life so don't let naysayers stop you from pursuing your wishes.


Posted 10:49 am, 11/22/2016


ignore all of the amateur advice youve been given


Posted 10:44 am, 11/22/2016

If you are serious, then I would go ahead and put my house on the market. Get a feel for how quickly you think your home will sell and IF YOU ARE SERIOUS - DO NOT turn down a generous offer. You can always rent until you find exactly what you are looking for. Don't be afraid to temporarily rent. You will hear a lot of people that tell you not to, but those people don't realize that when you have a new mortgage you are basically only paying interest for the first few years anyway so it's not really very different. It's great to get sound financial advice, but always remember that YOU only get one life and YOU should be happy with your choices because you are ultimately the one that will have to pay for them.


Posted 10:18 am, 11/22/2016

Check to see if your mortgage payoff versus current appraisal is compatible to make sure you can sell for enough to pay off the mortgage. That should be first.


Posted 8:22 am, 11/22/2016

sell everything and move into a large broom closet,no taxes/upkeep/yard maintenance


Posted 7:21 am, 11/22/2016

So you are making "MORE" money now. Under a Democrat who has cleaned up the Drunk republicans mess that the Republicans created. Now you are looking at yet another Republican idiot.. Interest rates are going to soar. Inflation will crash the markets. Oil prices will soar. Housing sells will crash. The next 4 years are going to be *ell. You best stay where you are.


Posted 6:59 pm, 11/21/2016

My neighbor has had their home for sale for over 3 years and have only had about 2 people look at it. It is a very nice home and well constructed. It don't have very much land with it but it has a very nice view of the woods and fields. So, I don't think this is a good time in Wilkes to attempt to sale a home.


Posted 6:43 pm, 11/21/2016

JMO:: I'd keep the house i got an remodel and fix what needed to be fixed. & add on any addition i needed. Yet it's a bad time of year too build a new house & buying a old new house is like buying a used car. You don't know what'cha got till you drive it a month or so & have a major break down.


Posted 6:15 pm, 11/21/2016

DietCoke just offered some very sound advice.

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