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Ukraine is heading for defeat


Posted 4:06 pm, 04/21/2024

If we continue to play God.
War War War
My dad can whoop your dad.
It ALL can come to an end.
And as far as being labeled "MENTAL".
feel free to say that.to an Iraq war veteran.
PTSD go ahead,bet you get more than ya want.
Big BIG difference,I've never suffered psychosis.
SEVERE PTSD. Thus why I support our US Military every chance.
These under 150 IQs amuse me.


Posted 8:26 pm, 04/19/2024

I agree with Mental on this.

Enough of our money for them


Posted 8:14 pm, 04/19/2024

Neighbors,where do you think. That money is coming from?
Have you completely forgot? COME.ON!
Enough billion upon billions US $ Ukraine hand outs.
Americans are to be TOP PRIORITY.


Posted 7:27 pm, 04/19/2024

And you are headed for a romance with the spork footed neanderthal woman of your dreams. Have fun.


Posted 11:52 am, 04/19/2024

Had a bad picker recently on who you're voting for there, Thomas?

Both national and local.

DB Cooper

Posted 11:18 am, 04/19/2024

Three decades ago, the newly independent country of Ukraine was briefly the third-largest nuclear power in the world.

Thousands of nuclear arms had been left on Ukrainian soil by Moscow after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. But in the years that followed, Ukraine made the decision to completely denuclearize.

In exchange, the U.S., the U.K. and Russia would guarantee Ukraine's security in a 1994 agreement known as the Budapest Memorandum.

It is hard to estimate whether Ukrainians would foresee the impact.

It is clear that Ukrainians knew they weren't getting the exactly legally binding, really robust security guarantees they sought.

But they were told at the time that the United States and Western powers - so certainly at least the United States and Great Britain - take their political commitments really seriously. This is a document signed at the highest level by the heads of state. So the implication was Ukraine would not be left to stand alone and face a threat should it come under one.

There certainly is a good measure of regret, and some of it is poorly informed. It would have cost Ukraine quite a bit, both economically and in terms of international political repercussions, to hold on to these arms. So it would not have been an easy decision.

But in public sphere these more simple narratives take hold. The narrative in Ukraine, publicly is: We had the world's third-largest nuclear arsenal, we gave it up for this signed piece of paper, and look what happened.

Never turn in your guns and never rely on someone else for protection.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 10:51 am, 04/19/2024

I am not a Trump supporter. He is a Democrat agent.


Posted 10:37 am, 04/19/2024

If the stupid MAGATS get their way the next international detente will go like this: "OK, we'll take Europe.

The China Sea, Taiwan and Quemoy are all yours. When we've got those matters settled, we'll divvy up Africa."

Where is the USA in this scenario? The USA will be part of Putin's Federation.


Posted 7:53 am, 04/19/2024

There it is! Stalking and melting down on multiple threads again!

Stay useless PAB!


Posted 7:51 am, 04/19/2024

Meanwhile, 'ol shouldadolly spews its vile behavior on yet another thread.

YOU go, dolly, the one AND only cloned shoulda !


Posted 7:41 am, 04/19/2024

Just as suspected, on the knees for "big strong leader."

Pretty weird coming from a Stoney voter.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 10:05 pm, 04/18/2024

Unofag - ey cyka


Posted 10:01 pm, 04/18/2024

Never know suh.
ну это будет зависеть от того. какой регион России вы хотите? У вас разные диалекты, как и у домашнего мальчика в Соединенных Штатах.


Posted 9:49 pm, 04/18/2024

Do you speak Soviet?

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 9:32 pm, 04/18/2024

Ukraine was nothing more than a money laundering scheme for Democrats and illegal human trafficking. Let them fall.

Psychotic Reaction

Posted 9:19 pm, 04/18/2024

Do any of you Ukraine supporters work and pay high ****** taxes like most of the rest of us? I say let the EU foot the bill for a change. Let us focus on our own military. Or could it be hush money to keep quiet about something? Hmm. Makes ya wonder don't it


Posted 8:09 pm, 04/18/2024

England and France can send all they want

America is broke, we have illegal Mexicans to support with our money


Posted 8:08 pm, 04/18/2024

Let NATO send them the $.
pfft. ENOUGH!
Might need to consider beefing up our Military.
A bigger gun makes all run I heard.


Posted 4:17 pm, 04/18/2024

MAGATS are Putin's 5th column and Trump is Putin's spymaster. Unfortunately, if the USA becomes a Russian satellite, it won't just be just the MAGATS that suffer.


Posted 4:05 pm, 04/18/2024

Just what the communists cheer for.

Does it feel good to fall for russian propaganda just to "own the libs?"

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